4 Facts About Workers Compensation When Involved in a Car Accident

If you use your automobile for work or operate a work vehicle and are involved in an accident, do you qualify for workers comp insurance? Many people experience this dilemma every single day. In short, if you are on the clock and an injury occurs, you may qualify for workers comp insurance to cover your financial damages. Of course, when talking about car accidents and workman’s’ comp California, things can get complicated very quickly. Here are four facts about this type of claim important to know:

1.    Workers compensation insurance is granted on a no-fault basis, so no matter who is at-fault for the accident, the benefits cover injuries, even when you are in a car driving on the roadways.

2.    Drivers who are involved in an accident during work hours may be able to file a workers comp claim as well as claims with their auto insurance company, personal injury claims, and others. It is best to talk to an attorney since this matter can be very complex.

3.    You probably need an attorney no matter what if you are involved in an accident while on the clock at work. Attorneys offer no cost, no obligation consultations to discuss your case in detail to learn the next steps best to take.

car accidents and workman

4.    You may qualify for benefits when involved in an accident with another company vehicle. However, if you are headed into work when an accident occurs, this may change the entire case. Again, it is best that you consult an attorney. No one has better legal guidance than the expert.

Hopefully you will never need workers comp or become involved in an auto accident while at work. But, it is best to be prepared for the unexpected. With the information above, you’re on your way to knowledge and expertise.