Common Workplace Injuries

Did you know that violent acts are one of the top 10 most common injuries reported on the job? Insurance companies list this as one of the top claims they receive each year. Why is this a claim for your insurance company? It is your employer’s job to protect you while you were on the clock. This means that you must be provided a safe work environment, as long as you were using common sense and responsibility to keep yourself safe while on the property. Aside from violent acts, the following are some of the most common reasons for workplace injuries. If you feel that the injury you have been caused could have been prevented, it is up to you to contact a work related injury lawyer hillsboro or  to find out you rights. It is possible that you have a lawsuit, where you could win money for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

Repetitive motion injuries are yet another common reason for workplace injuries. It is not an obvious injury, yet one that is extremely harmful to those who are working in the environment. Repetitive motions, whether something as simple as using a computer all of the time or something major like using a machine, can strain the muscles and cause back pain.  Entanglement with in a machine is yet another reason that people are injured on the job. Proper training, wearing the right clothing and shoes, and using coming sense are a few of the ways to ensure entanglement in the machine does not happen.

Vehicle accidents are also common, including inside of workplace Machinery such as a forklift. Safe driver training should be provided to prevent and minimize vehicle accidents within the workplace.  Employees walking into injuries is yet another common workplace injury. This includes when people run into walls, doors, windows, tables and chairs, machinery, and other items.