Getting Represented In My Divorce

Whenever you get married, you never expect to see the day when you will be looking for a divorce lawyer to defend your interests.  Obviously, no one who has been married has gone into their marriage hoping for a divorce, but when things are not working out, it is important that you take the steps you need to in order to make sure that all of your interests are protected.  If you have children, this is even more important, as you never want to end up losing custody of your kids or only being able to see them on certain days.  This is the reason why when my ex-wife came home with divorce papers, I immediately began looking for a lake county family attorney who would be willing to take my case.  I have two kids and I love them very much, and I knew that my ex-wife would likely fight me over custody and visitation rights.

I began scouring the internet for the best attorney I could possibly find, and I looked at a number of different law firms before I wound up making my final decision.  There are many family attorneys in the area, and so I did not want to jump in with both feet without knowing where I would end up landing.  I wanted a lawyer who would fight for me and my right to see my kids, and that is why I looked up all of the info I could possibly find and had a couple of consultations before I finally made my decision.

I found an excellent lawyer in my search, and he was able to ensure that she would not keep me from seeing my kids.  We have joint custody, and that was as much of a success as I could have hoped for.