How to Find the Ideal Expert Witness

One of the toughest aspects of defending a client in court is finding a way to corroborate the story that you are building around this person. Whether we are talking about a criminal trial, or something involving financial irregularities, you are going to want to ensure that you are getting the record straight before the judge and/or the jury. It is so important that you are not only presenting evidence and facts on your own, but you are getting witness up there who can corroborate what you are saying.

It is also vital to remember that when we are talking about expert witness testimony, we are not referring to those who will speak to the person’s character. Those are friends and family who are going to talk about the type of person your client may be. We are referring to witnesses who are going to deal with the specifics of the case. Let us say the case involves some financial or banking fraud. You would need an expert witness who could show that the actions of your client were regular for people in that line of work – or when dealing with a specific type of issue.

You will need an expert witness who has a lot of experience in the relevant fields. For instance, if your client is an investment banker, and your expert witness has never been inside an investment bank, they are not going to help you very much. They are going to get torn apart on the cross by the prosecution. And secondly, you will need a person who has done this at least one time in the past. Why? Because you do not want them to get spooked or nervous on the stand. The more times they have been up there as an expert witness, the likelier it is that your witness will be reliable.